C'est parti mon KissKiss
Terça 03 Abril 2018

For the last 4 years the “Fahavalo” team has been wholeheartedly committed to bring Madagascar 1947 film to completion. We have finished the film and are currently in post-production. 

The post-production process is costly. This is why we are reaching out to YOU. We have launched a KissKissBankBank campaign to help fund the last of our expenses. We would truly appreciate your help for the last push.

If you are not able to make a contribution, please consider sharing this project and spreading the word…



FAHAVALO Madagascar 47 - la bande annonce !
Terça 27 Fevereiro 2018

DVD et VOD !
Quinta 21 Decembro 2017

available on DVD

and on VOD

THE FILM (88min) +
45 min of extras : exclusive interview with Dama Mahalo, recording sessions with Madagascar All Stars...
Aucun texte alternatif disponible.

Régis Gizavo
Segunda 17 Julho 2017

Temos a imensa tristeza de anunciar o falecimento do querido Régis Gizavo, ocorrido durante um show na Corsega na noite de 16 de julho de 2017.

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