Ady Gasy, the Malagasy Way
a film by Lova Nantenaina

Prix Fé Nèt Océan Indien

“The Chinese make things, the Malagasy fix them.”
The people of Madagascar produce things out of nothing: tires transformed into shoes, oil lamps made out of light bulbs. A sustainable lifestyle that encourages recycling, fraternity, self-reliance and makes perfect sense in the midst of a global economic crisis…

“a powerful portrait of survival. An at times lyrical vision of alternative living and self-reliance that is thankfully more inspiring than depressing.”

Point of View Magazine

“ The Malagasy Way is a poetic, proverb-packed tour of an alternative way of life central to Madagascar’s culture and society. Rejecting the waste and overconsumption that plague Western nations, the film examines how the people of Madagascar have embraced a conservationist lifestyle of recycling, repurposing and selfreliance in the midst of a global economic crisis, using ingenuity, not underdevelopment, as their inspiration. ”
Brooklyn Film Festival

“it is hard for me to believe that there is one that’s more important and relevant to our times of climate change and financial globalization than this documentary.”
The Stranger - Seattle

“ The documentary shows incredible handywork, ranging from shoes constructed out of recycled tires to beautiful instruments made out of a can and a stick. While many viewers might pity the people in the documentary, it would serve them better to look at the bigger picture: the Malagasy way appears to be one of teamwork, cohesiveness and appreciation for everything despite adversity. That alone is a message that we can all benefit from in many meaningful ways.”
Toronto film scene @Hot Docs

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technical info
runing time: 84 minutes
format: dvd
ratio: 1:77
footage : 2792 m
visa: 138578
year of production: 2015

original languages:
available subtitles:

director: Lova Nantenaina
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