Before the dying of the light
by Ali Essafi
70 minutes - ©2020
A tribute to the Moroccan artistic avant-garde of the 1970s.
Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947
by Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes
90 minutes - ©2018
They were called fahavalo, enemies, as they rebelled against French colonial authorities in 1947, only armed with spears and talismans. The film is a journey across Madagascar in search of the last witnesses of a long forgotten rebellion.
From Sakay to Carapa
by Olivette Taombé
52 minutes - ©2017

This film tells the story of uprooted farmers strongly bound to the land, may it be in Reunion, Madagascar or French Guyana.

Songs for Madagascar
by Cesar Paes
88 minutes - ©2016
An intimate journey closely following the creative work of six of the best Malagasy musicians. Through their music they engage with the protection of the endangered regions of Madagascar and raise awareness worldwide about their island.
Ady Gasy, the Malagasy Way
by Lova Nantenaina
84 minutes - ©2015

People in Madagascar tackle the financial crisis inventively and sustainably, never losing their unique identity and good humor.

An opera from the Indian ocean
by MC & C. Paes
96 minutes - ©2012

In the wings of the opera "Maraina" voyaging between Reunion, Madagascar and... Paris, the film combines history and oral memory to recount the story of the first settlers of the Indian Ocean islands.

88 minutes - ©2010
« Maraina » is the first opera created in the Indian Ocean, composed by Jean-Luc Trulès with a libretto by Emmanuel Genvrin. It relates the story of the first settlers of the Reunion Island.
Animated window on Madagascar
by Fabrice Maminirina & Jiva Eric Razafindralambo
30 minutes - ©2008

4 animated shorts directed and produced by the Razafindralambo brothers in Madagascar

Raketa mena, Red cactus
by Hery Rasolo
52 minutes - ©2008

On the coast of Androy, region most in the South of Madagascar, one of the most elementary needs misses: water. Will the red cactus help the inhabitants?

Mahaleo Live at the Olympia
by Cesar Paes
146 minutes - ©2008
To celebrate their 35th anniversary the most famous Malagasy band indulges in a concert at the mythic concert hall Olympia in Paris. Live all the emotions of these two concerts with this great CD-DVD
by Julio Tavares
52 minutes - ©2006

Batuque is an art of Cape Verde, mixing rhythm, dance, and songs that women perform since slavery times even if forbidden by the Portuguese.

by Paes & Rajaonarivelo
102 minutes - ©2005

Led by the music of the mythical group Mahaleo, the film is a moving portrait of Madagascar.

The Whistle
by As Thiam
22 minutes - ©2004

A blind husband and wife are forced by a bus strike to walk their way to Dakar across country. Suddenly, they find a magic whistle...

Saudade do Futuro
by MC & C. Paes
90 minutes - ©2001

The rhythms and rhymes of the cantadores, those street singers from Northeastern Brazil, tell us the beat of SĂŁo Paulo, one of five biggest towns in the world.

Awara Soup
by MC & C. Paes
70 minutes - ©1996

A very fresh approach to the questions of identity, immigration, and integration... The mixing of cultures in French Guiana through the cooking of... a magic dish.

Songs and Tears of nature
by MC & C. Paes
54 minutes - ©1992

Shot in Lapland and Brazil, with amazing images, this film talks about Man’s relationship to nature, from the indigenous point of view.

Angano...angano... Tales from Madagascar
by MC & C. Paes
63 minutes - ©1989

A journey through tales and legends, to discover Madagascar.

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